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Introducing the Coolice IceMeter, an exciting new addition that is a colaboration between myself and Steve Smith (Xygax, the SimStick designer).

The IceMeter incorporates our already very successful Coolice Protection circuit, which is designed to safe guard chargers against damage when powered by converted server PSU's, but includes some other features that would make your charge case or standalone power supply stand out from the crowd.

Unlike the basic Coolice Protection Circuit, the IceMeter can now control upto 3x PSU's, meaning a 36 volt+ setup can be used safely with your iCharger DUO series charger, or any charger for that matter.

Now sporting an on-board LCD display, the user can scroll through and see the connected power supplies voltages, the on-board 100amp shunt allows us to show live current draw readings, current temperature via a temp probe (up to 3 possible), the various parameter settings (which are user settable) such as;
1. Under Voltage Protection (UVP) set point
2. Over Voltage Protection (OVP) set point
3. Over Temp Shut Down
4. Minimum Current Set Point, LED colour change set point.
5. Max Current Set Point

A simple RGB LED strip can now be used for something more useful than decoration when connected to the IceMeter. With point 4 above, this minimum current set point effects the point the LED strip changes from rolling colour to a solid green, thus signalling a low amp draw and end of charge state. While no LiPo should be left unattanded, stadning a few feet away you can now use the LED lighting as a visual clue as to your batteries state of charge.

We can also control external cooling fans based on temperature, the cooing fans in your case can be programmed to turn on when internal temperatures rise, so they are not running at all times.

Another addition is bluetooth, yes the IceMeter can stream information wirelessly! So far we have a Beta Windows program which is working very well, designed and writtne for us by one of our customers. However in time (once I learn how to code) we are looking to have an Android application up and running, so all the important information will be streamed to your handheld device and displayed in real time.

Coolice/Xygax IceMeter
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