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You're a modeller and a keen DIY'er right, so it's only natural you'd want to build you're own charge case. But you'd like an accurately machined deck from which to start your master piece, as any art is only as good as the canvas.
No problem, Coolice Charge Cases & Power Supplies can supply you with just a basic deck only, or a complete kit of parts with the charger holding brackets, cooling fans, IEC conenctor, binding posts, USB ports etc In fact everything you may will need to build your case.

We supply the parts you can't easily make and you supply the rest, such as time, wiring, connectors etc and overall satisfaction of building your own unique charge case yourself.

Some designs we have on file already and others will be made up as they are requested. Sadly I do not have every charger on the market, so there may be a time when I would need your charger to design your deck. We will do our very best to limit the impact on your flying during this time.

With laser cut acrylic decks starting from £45** for small FPV style/size case's, this makes the most cost effective option.

Engineering grade plastic decks, which are machined from a thicker material, start at £100**. These suit the larger cases if the user is looking to mount the charger to the deck to simplify wiring and mounting time.

** Prices shown do not include additional design time if required and may be subject to additional costs if needed.

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