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My name is Ian Contessa and I am Coolice Charge Cases & Power Supplies.

After building my own power supply to charge my RC battery needs, it didn't take long to be asked to build more for friends.
This soon escalated to building PSU's for customers and then expanded further into complete charge case solutions, custom built to the buyers needs. With a range of bespoke products unique to me, such as my tried and proven PSU protection circuits to safe guard your expensive chargers against high amp spike failures and custom power supply connection boards.

Coolice Charge Cases & Power Supplies has an in-house laser cutter, CNC Router and 3D printers for the creation of charge case decks from acrylic through to thicker engineering grade plastics, this means we can go from design to finished product much easier and create something that you, the customer wants and needs to improve your charging routine. Previously I had been sub-contracting the machining work out and while this worked well, it limited my imagination due to additional costs involved in trailing all these new ideas before offering them to customers.
Now though, the only limit is my imagination and I am constantly looking to push the boundaries of my case designs and be considered as one of the most innovative creators in this sector with interesting and unique ideas.

If you are after a fast turnaround with a charge case, then Coolice Charge Cases is sadly not for you. I work alone and prefer to take my time with case builds, producing each one myself to maintain the highest level of workmanship and attention to detail I have built my reputation on so far.

My moto is "
If it's not good enough for me, then it's not good enough for my customers!"

I relish challenges, so if you have a need for a power supply or charge case to suit your own or company needs, then please do give me a shout.

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