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Basic Protection Circuit

Our Basic Protection Circuit suits the HP DPS-1200FB and similar format PSU's only and utilises a slide on/slide off conenctor arrangement for ease of use.
The customer is still required to DC isolate the upper PSU's output negative terminal from the case to use a pair of PSU's in series.

£ 39.99 Add
Deck Balance Tap

Deck Balance Tap

A small custom PCB that allows the use of Revolectrix MPA charge/balance board to be connected using Revos favoured JST-PA connector and the use of balance boards with the more common JST-XH connector style.
Supplied ready built, with a 6" lead to connect board to the balance port on the front of Revolectrix charger.

£ 18.00 Add
HP DPS-1200FB Edge Connector Boards

HP DPS-1200FB Edge Connector Boards

To compliment our PSU and case builds, we designed a power connector board to allow fast and simple connection to the PSU's edge connector strip. This removes the need to solder directly to the PSU, thus should one fail at any time, it is simply a matter of sliding the connector off from the downed unit.
Supplied in pairs for a 2x PSU (25 volt) setup.

£ 20.00 Add

IceMeter Circuit

Our IceMeter protection circuit builds on the already very successful basic unit and is not limited for use with the DPS-1200 PSU's, with two versions available to cater for the various switching requirements. It can control upto 3x PSU's to.
This unit adds additional features such as an LCD, internal case temperature display, case cooling fan control based on internal temp, RGD LED strip control and Bluetooth.
This can be teamed up with our HP DPS-1200FB edge connector power boards for a straight forward and simple connection to your PSU's.

£ 46.99 Add
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