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3D Printing

Coolice Charge Cases & Power Supplies is proud to offer the same custom designed and 3D printed parts we use in our charge cases to the public for use in their own case creations.
Over time we have and still are with every new challenge, building up a range of custom 3D printed parts ranging from connector holders, charger holding brackets, to simple holding bars. These have been designed in-house to suit our own needs, but can be equally as useful to those DIY charge case builders and so we would like to offer these to our visitors.

We're not just limited to items found in charge cases, we also develope 3D printed designs to suit other areas, such as our recently designed Revolectrix IR Meter case. This unit is a handy tool for keeping an eye on the state of your LiPo's, but was not blessed with a nice casing, but clear heat-shrink to keep the production costs down. We designed a 3D printed case that wraps around your IR Meter and in other revisions also holds the XT60 main input, in time we will cater to other connector options also.

As time goes by we will be adding to our range, covering needs we have to provide our customers what they desire in their builds. We can also undertake custom work, but this will be subject to design charges, or we can print parts to your own designs.

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