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On The Fly Cases

Introducing the Coolice "On The Fly" Case line.
As with our FPV Race Case's, the emphasis here not only ticks the box for low cost and high quality, but also for an even smaller charger case for portability.

The cases shown are based around a Peli 1220 case, which is both small and study, but able to hold an ISDT Q6 Plus 300 watt charger, which makes this design an attractive option.
We have designed in the ability to offer different connector options, with a SupraX input connector in the works currently to. But with 3D pritned holders to suit XT60, XT90, EC5, SupraX and mroe to follow, we can cater to almsot every need.

These cases have no internal power supply, requiring power to be supplied via an external LiPo or DC power supply. Perhaps connected to one of our larger cases power in/out ports if you are one of our customers or have a case from another supplier already.

Need more power?
No problem for Coolice Charge Cases & Power Supplies, we can use a more powerful charger or go up in case size and fit not one, but two chargers and matching power supplies in the same case.
The deck colour can be choosen by you to make the case uniquie to you.

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